Tropical Trainwreck

85% THC

Known for an intense head high that hits smokers like a freight train, this classic strain is delicious with a tropical twist.  This mind altering hybrid is  perfect for anxiety, ADHD, creativity, and pain, because of it’s high CBD content.

Unicorn Tears

85% THC

Do you really think we traveled far & wide to collect the purest of unicorn tears to just put into a pen so we could smoke it? You bet your sweet ass we did... Our highest tested & most sought  after strain, Unicorn Tears is one of a kind with its powerful high & seductive tastes of exotic fruits.



85% THC

With a citrus bite and satisfyingly smooth exhale, our Clementine is a better replacement for your daily vitamin C. The fact that it’s a refreshing sativa doesn’t hurt either.


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