Supreme OG

88% THC

Set at the top of it’s class, Our supreme OG packs a powerful punch to anyone that dares to cross its path. With an earthy flavor and skunky undertone, this superior strain leaves users with a cerebral head high & supreme couch lock.


King Louie OG

87% THC

Being the heir of its parents OG Kush & LA Confidential, this Indica-dominate is our flagship strain. The effects of the king are hard to miss, giving you a high that leaves your entire body in tingles from head to toe. It’s pungent smell and strong oak-y taste makes this strain fit for royalty.

Platinum OG

87% THC

The heavy-hitter has arrived. Our Platinum OG is a potent Indica strain bred from a clone of Master Kush and OG Kush .This strain is perfect for anxiety & insomnia with a high that will leave you knocked out.  With a woodsy  finish on the exhale, Platinum OG is a crowd favorite.


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