86% THC

Is it the taste of the rainbow or a skunky OG? Alas zkittles is the best of both worlds. It’s the offspring of Grape Ape & Grapefruit, making it a sweet & tasty hybrid. Hints of tropical berries and citrus make this strain as enticing to smoke as it sounds to eat.




84% THC

Unwrap and unwind with the fruity hybrid taste of our sweet and sour
starburst vape. Perfect for daytime smokers who want a strong body high but want to remain focused and clear minded.

Forbidden Fruit

84% THC

Seems like Eve knew what she was doing when she couldn’t resist the
forbidden fruit. A tempting & luring hybrid, Our forbidden fruit is the perfect blend of exotic and
mysterious. Full bodied with guava undertones, this strain will leave you euphoric and relaxed.


Fruity Pebbles

87% THC

Yabba Dabba Do! Sit back & relax with this body heavy hybrid. Sweet
hints of berries & cream with every puff is like tasting our favorite cereal.


Girl Scout Cookies

86% THC

Just like the childhood favorite but with a twist. A blend between OG Kush & Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid. With a reputation hard to beat, GSC is known for it’s intense high that will relax your body & ease your mind.



Wet Mango

85% THC

Need a break from your stressful day? Escape and imagine yourself on a tropical island with our  daiquiri inspired vape.  These fruit flavors and overall potency will leave you with a high that’s so relaxing, you might forget it’s all in your head.

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