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Located in Huntington Beach California, À La Carts is a thriving female owned and operated cannabis company, that produces ONE GRAM premium cannabis oil cartridges and pods.

We strive to provide you with the the best products available by combining only the finest cannabis strains, natural terpenes and fruit extracts to create a unique vaping experience like no other.

Everyone on our team has been apart of the cannabis industry their entire career, and we all want to produce something we can be proud of and put our name on. With a product that stands out from the rest, we can’t wait for your to try our Vapes!

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* We use only the purest white water clear distillate, to ensure the cleanest taste and potency.

* Our vapes are made with oil that is clean, lab tested and manufactured in our state of the art facility.

*We handcraft each individual strain with a blend of fruit extracts with natural and synthetic terpenes to maximize each flavor profile.

*All of our vape carts are all made with the same raw distillate, testing at a highs of 96%.

* Our oil and carts are all small batch made in our lab to ensure potency, quality and flavor.

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